Teak (Gold) Sandstone Tiles

Indian sandstone paving is one of the most popular options for outdoor pavings across the world. Teak Sandstone also known as Khatu Teak Sandstone or Teakwood Sandstone originates in Rajasthan, India.  The stone color gold yellow with dark yellow or orange straight lines cutting across which gives it a look of wood, hence the name. Teak sandstone is extremely popular in Middle East and Australia and is used around pool areas to make the are anti-slippery.  Teak sandstone is softer variety of sandstone and very popular as paving option in hot weather conditions. Teak sandstone is normally available in honed finish.


  • Outdoor Pavings – Patios, Driveways, Pool Sides
  • Wall Claddings

Available Sizes and Thicknesses

  • Patio Packs – 30×30 cm, 30×60 cm, 60×60 cm, 60×90 cm in following thickness
    • 20mm
    • 30mm
    • any other customized thickness as per project requirements
  • Individual sizes available as per requirements
  • Honed, Shotblast finishes available in custom project sizes and thickness

Available Surface Finishes and Edge Finish

  • Sawn / Honed with Machine Cut Edge
  • Shotblasted with Machine Cut Edge
  • Shotblasted + Brushed with Machine Cut Edge

Teak sandstone is high in porosity and thus cooler than harder varieties of sandstones. However, this sandstone is not very suitable for areas with frost. Teak sandstone is widely used in landscapes for pavings, wall coverings, pool copings, anti-slip areas around pools.

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