About Acme Stones Pvt Ltd


Current company Director Mr Subhash Gupta, after having spent more than a decade and a half in the stone industry since 1993 and successfully running proprietorships firms Marble House and Agarwal Industries, incorporated Acme Stones Pvt Ltd on 16 April 2008. Mr Gupta has vast experience in the field of stone processing, manufacturing and exports.

Acme Stones has been at the forefront of innovation in the stone industry having lead the use of CNC machines in the process of designing and manufacturing of stone artefacts, murals, jalis and other products. We were the first to install a CNC Waterjet machine in Rajasthan in the year 2010 and among the first to install CNC router machines in the year 2011.

Acme Stones and Marble House are a well-known name in the field of stone mosaic manufacturing and exports. Additionally, we have been involved in the field of marble, sandstone, slate, granite and limestone slabs and tiles trading, processing and exports.

Factory Acme Stones Pvt Ltd
Waterjet Machine from Flow, USA


Acme Stones is currently operating from two factories in Jaipur. Primary manufacturing facility is located at Road No 12, VKI Area, Jaipur which houses all the CNC Machines, polishing machines and slab edge cutting machines. We also have an upcoming showroom at this location which is one of its kind stone showroom in Rajasthan.

Second manufacturing factory is primarily used for manufacturing of stone mosaic tiles and panels.

List of Machines:

  1. CNC Waterjet Machine from Flow, USA with a pressure of 65000 psi. The machine can cut through almost any material including stone, wood, metal, glass, acrylic.
  2. CNC Router Machines
    1. Four Stone Routers Heavy Duty. All machines with 5.5kw to 7.5kw spindles.
    1. One Wood Router Heavy Duty with 5.5kw Italian HSD spindle.
  3. Two Automatic Stone Polishing Machines for polishing marble, granite or limestone slabs of size upto 5 feet by 11 feet.
  4. One Automatic Shotblasting Machine for shotblasting tiles and slabs upto size 5 feet width.
  5. Bridge cutting machine for edge cutting of slabs and big sizes
  6. Voltas Diesel Forklift for handling large slabs and heavy materials upto 3 MT
  7. Two vibratory tumbling machines for tumbling and smoothening of stone edges through vibratory process
  8. Calibration machine for calibration upto 18” width
  9. Two stone splitting machines for rock face look of stones
  10. Several multi-cutter edge-cutting machines.


Mr Subhash Gupta himself is a seasoned entrepreneur who has seen through the thick and thin of business. He has vast experience in the stone industry and has a reliable network of suppliers or raw materials and machines, which has served the company well.

Mr Manish Gupta, elder son of Mr Subhash Gupta is serving as the CEO of the company. Mr Manish Gupta is a computer engineer and has been with the company since inception. He too has developed very reliable and useful business relationships and has been instrumental in execution of works related to waterjet and CNC projects. His technical knowledge about stones and machines is unparalleled and he has skillfully maneuvered the company through extremely technical and time bound projects without much problems.

Mr Satish Gupta, younger son of Mr Subhash Gupta, one of the Directors in the company is commerce graduate and an MBA from Institute of Rural Management, Anand. He manages the accounts and financials of the company and is deeply involved with the CNC designing, tooling, maintenance and execution of day-to-day work. He has been instrumental in the development of many customized CNC designs and tools for execution of projects with special requirements.

Besides these key personnel, we have a team of qualified Designers, Accountants, Supervisors, Operators and unskilled workers who are trained to handle the specialized work of stone processing that the company is involved in. We have a team of 15 skilled workers and more than 10 unskilled workers who handle day-to-day operations.

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